• Stop struggling to remove the trash bag from a trash can.
  • End the pain, the frustration.
  • No more torn bags, with trash on the floor.
  • Introducing the revolutionary Smartcan.
  • Smartcan eliminates having to lift the bag out of the can.
  • But Now


Smartcan is the revolutionary, award winning, safer trashcan!

Tired of struggling to remove the bag from your existing trash can? Sick of torn trash bags and the resulting mess? No more. With Smartcan, your trash hassles are a thing of the past! Smartcan is sustainable, 100% recyclable, and proudly Made in the USA.

Safer and faster

No more strained back and shoulders! No more torn bags, no mess. Smartcan is fast, so you can get on with your other important tasks.

Convenient & easy to clean

Smartcan is hassle free, everyone can use it. Clean up is a breeze, even the pickiest clean freak will love it!

Built to last

Smartcan is commercial grade, and engineered to take the toughest family treatment!


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    Easy to Use

    Smartcan™ is easy to use, you just step on the release pedal to unlock and remove the Smartcan™ body. No more struggle to remove the bag

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    Fast and Convenient

    Are you a foodie? The optional funnel is perfect for meal prep. Place the Smartcan™ next to your chopping surface and slide waste into the large opening Smartcan™

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    Safe and Simple

    You will never struggle again to remove a trash bag. Smartcan™ is ergonomically correct – it allows you to get in a proper position to remove the bag. It couldn’t be easier

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    Easy to Clean

    Our revolutionary design makes Smartcan™ easy to clean, because it comes apart. No more reaching down into the can to clean it!

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    Genuine Quality

    Smartcan™ is Professional grade and built to last! 100% recyclable and sustainable, each component can be replaced separately if needed

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    American Made

    Smartcan™ is made in America with pride. Support our Nations economy and workers

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Of all daily or frequent tasks, taking out the trash ranks as one of the least favorite. EZ Home Products is committed to creating products that make this task easier, safer and cleaner. Our Smartcan is the only waste receptacle in the world that eliminates having to pull a trash bag out of the receptacle.
We want to expand our efforts, to make waste removal more convenient, recycling more efficient, and continue the social revolution of our society becoming more aware of the impact we have on the planet.
In our blog we will express, discover, and share ways to make this a reality. Join, like, follow, or share us.
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Life is messy. We are convinced we can help. Our goal at EZ Home Products Inc. is to provide people smarter, safer, more ergonomic and convenient solutions to live life hassle-free! Our revolutionary Smartcan is our first effort to make that vision a reality for us all.
EZ Home Products Inc., the maker of Smartcan is the sister company of EZ Dump Commercial Inc., an innovative design and engineering company focused on the waste receptacle needs of the restaurant, hospitality, and commercial office markets. EZ Dump Commercial is privileged to have agreements with the following distributors: Amazon, Amazon Supply, Wayfair, Wayfair Supply and Global Industrial, amongst others. Our EZ Dump products are revolutionizing how people think about trash cans.

Join us and never struggle with trash bags again!


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Question:What is a Smartcan?

Smartcan is the trash can that eliminates having to pull a trash bag out of the Smartcan entirely. Guaranteed.


Question: What colors/sizes are available for purchase?

Smartcan is currently available in Black and Grey.


Question: Are custom Smartcans available?

If you want a large quantity (over 100) of custom Smartcans, in a special color or with a logo, for example, please contact us.


Question: Why is the Smartcan funnel optional?

The funnel is for those who desire a larger opening and want a convenient countertop height opening to easily slide kitchen food prep waste into. Or for those who like to play basketball with their trash!


Question: Can I use Smartcan outdoors and indoors?

Yes Smartcan can be used indoors and outdoors. We do not recommend storing waste outside in Smartcan.


Question: How much waste will Smartcan hold?

Smartcan holds 23 gallons of material.


Question: How often should I clean Smartcan?

Smartcan can easily be cleaned, as often as you prefer.


Question: When I start using Smartcan, what do I use for bags?

Each Smartcan comes with a free trash bag. We recommend you use 40 Gallon or larger bags due to Smartcan’s capacity and shape.


Question: What can I use to chemically clean Smartcan?

Warm soap and water should remove most material, but if necessary you can use any household cleaner. Please use non-toxic cleaners when possible.


Question: Is Smartcan compatible with liquid waste?

Smartcan requires the use of a plastic trash bag. Spills and leaks can occur with any plastic bag that contains liquid.


Question: How often do I need to empty My Smartcan.

This seems like a pretty personal question… We are confident you will figure it out.


Question: How often will I need to replace My Smartcan?

Smartcan is extremely durable and resistant to breaking, cracks and wear. We have some Smartcans in restaurant test service now for 5 years or more. Smartcan has a 1-year warranty, to be free from manufacturer defects.


Question: What do I do if my product is shipped and arrives broken or defective?


Click here and we will respond. Smartcan has a 1-year warranty, to be free from manufacturer defects.


Question: What if I have a question that is not here in the FAQ?


Please click here to contact us.